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With our fresher resume formats, you can have your resumé ready in minutes to print, email, and share to show yourself off as the most qualified candidate out there.

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If you’re a college student or recent graduate applying for jobs, you’ll want to have a fresher resumé ready to go. Different than a standard resumé, a fresher resumé showcases skills and information from academic history rather than professional experience. This is the place for you to boast all your academic achievements, from job-relevant classes to leadership experiences in clubs and communities. Also, a fresher is used to lay out career objectives as you move into the work space. Use Adobe Spark to design an impressive fresher resumé that will wow any and all of your future employers.

Stand Out with Adobe Spark

A professional looking resumé with all the right touches can be a key to getting that dream job. But as soon-to-be or recent graduate, you might be too tight on money and time to be able to spend much of either on designing your resumé. That’s where Adobe Spark comes in to save the day. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface holds your hand through the design process, offering you nothing but the most sleek and appealing resumé templates. All you need to worry about is entering in your own personal information, and doing so in a way that affirms yourself as the best candidate in the field. Reference our guide below for everything you need to build your fresher resumé in minutes.

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How to Create an Impressive and Polished Fresher Resume with Adobe Spark

  1. Begin with the Basics

    Before you start the design process, make sure your details are in order. Write up a document with your personal information, academic history, and chronological work experience, along with any other skills or career objectives you’d like to share. That way, when it gets to the design portion, all you need to do is copy and paste.

  2. Find the Perfect Fit

    There are endless customization options with Adobe Spark. Pick the correct paper size, and then scroll through Spark’s template options to find the one that best communicates your personality and goals.

  3. Showcase Yourself and Your Accomplishments

    First, fill out your header, summary, experience, education, and skills. Don’t just type out your information – allow it to tell a story. For example, if you say you were an “event coordinator,” throw in your biggest accomplishment during that time along with it to provide necessary insight for your readers. Then, add in any other details that are relevant to you that may not be featured in a traditional resumé format. This includes languages, certificates and courses, philosophies, career objectives, and service or passion projects. Don’t worry about sharing every detail about yourself, just focus on the things about you that make you best suited for the job in question.

  4. Download, Print, and Share Your Resumé.

    Your resumé will be ready to share immediately! Download a digital copy and email it to mentors, professors, parents, and friends to proofread and over constructive feedback. Test print your resumé before sending it to an employer to make sure it’s legible on paper. Then, once you’re ready for that final version, you can download and distribute it digitally or in print wherever you apply!

Let Spark be your Fresher Resume Expert

Remember, a fresher resumé is named so because you’re fresh out of school (or soon to be). Given that you may not have much work experience, use this opportunity to show your other academic or extracurricular accomplishments. Show that you’re an eager candidate who’s willing to learn and adapt from college life to a full-time career. Avoid cliché words and instead, speak honestly and from the heart in your own voice. You are an excellent candidate, so let it show! Let Adobe Spark take any unnecessary stress off your shoulders so you can focus on nailing your interview and landing the job.

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