Create Birthday Invitations for Free in Minutes

Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom birthday invitations. No design skills necessary.

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Adobe Spark celebrates your creativity

Explore Adobe Spark’s Inspiration Gallery for an abundance of professionally designed templates to get your creative gears spinning as you design your birthday invitation.

Create your birthday invitation

How to make a birthday invitation

  1. Choose your size

    Do you want to share your invitation on social media? Adobe is ready to help. You can choose from pre-made size templates designed to work on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or your blog.

  2. Pick the right theme

    Spark offers you a stunning selection of pre-made themes designed to express a range of aesthetic moods. Choose one that speaks to you, and then enjoy the exhilaration of customizing it to make it your own.

  3. Decide on your image

    However you want to incorporate images into your invitation, rest assured Adobe Spark makes it possible. Upload or search for the perfect graphic to complement your text, and then change, crop, zoom or collage it to create an eye-catching invitation.

  4. Design your words

    It’s not just what you say; it’s also how you say it. Typography is a crucial aspect of expressing the feelings behind your words, and Adobe Spark lets you pick the font and style that communicates everything you haven't said.

  5. Time to share!

    After you design your personalized birthday invitations, release them into the world, and spread the word about your event. Click the “Share” button on Adobe Spark, and you’ll be given easy options for downloading, posting or emailing.

Spark lets you choose your favorite medium

From printing and mailing elegant birthday flyers, to sending out a show-stopping video announcement, Spark Post gives you effortless step-by-step instructions. If you decide on free printable birthday invitations, you have the further creative control of printing them on your favorite specialty paper. Add a handful of confetti to the envelope, or use your favorite stamps; Spark Post is ready to facilitate the paper art you love.

On the other hand, perhaps you can’t imagine declaring everything you need to say in any format besides video. Spark Video is right there, giving you easy customization choices for turning your video into a dynamic, compelling birthday invitation. For those birthdays that need more content (A gallery of memories? A gift registry?). Spark Page helps you turn your words, links and images into a compelling web page.

Birthdays are for now and later

When we celebrate birthdays, we know it’s a way of pushing the “pause” button so we can share in the sheer happiness of living. When you take a few minutes to design your own birthday invitation, you’re creating a piece of art that will be saved and valued as a memento. You can even make and send your custom birthday invitations on the go, with iOS mobile apps for Spark Post, Page and Video.

Each person’s life is a story, and your Spark birthday invitation captures one frame of that story to preserve and share among your network of friends.

Spark birthday invitation examples