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Enjoy access to captivating and free photography for you to use with all your designs.

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Feature Free Images with Adobe Spark Post

When you open up your Spark Post workspace, you’ll find quite a few options for uploading photos, from using your own library, social channels, or Creative Cloud account. But you can also explore Spark’s free photos from Unsplash, which is a complete collection of images of any and all kinds. Search for high quality images that serve as the missing piece of your design’s puzzle so you can bring your creative vision to life!

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How to find Free Photos with Adobe Spark Post

  1. Choose Your Canvas

    Adobe Spark Post comes loaded with all sorts of different canvas sizes for any of your digital graphic needs. Peruse thru premade standard sizes for social platforms, or enter in your own sizing in pixels or a ratio based on your needs.

  2. Sort Through Professionally Designed Templates

    Adobe Spark is proud to provide professionally designed templates for all sorts of different needs. If you need a little boost in sparking your creativity, peruse through premade templates with an endless variety of themes and layouts. Maybe you want the perfect layout to showcase your key image – search through Spark’s selection to find the right template and adjust as necessary if you need to make any edits.

  3. Explore Free Photos

    This is the part where you spark magic with your design! From your workspace, tap on “Add” to drop a photo into your design. Choose from the different upload options where you’ll see “Find free photos” in the list. From there, simply type in the desired subject matter and watch the options populate! There are all different sorts of images, so if you want something specific odds are you’ll find many versions of it. But there are also more abstract, graphic sorts of images available to you if that’s more your style.

  4. Adjust Your Photo As Necessary

    Tap on your photo to see your image editing capabilities. Scale, crop, or rotate your image. Add a filter or enhance with specific editing tools. On your Spark mobile app, you can even add animation effects to your photos to really impress your audience! Once you find the perfect image, it’s easy and fun to make it fit perfectly into your overall design.

  5. Save and Share Your Design

    Once you’ve customized your creation to your heart’s content, tap on the share icon in the top right corner and Spark will help you export your design in your desired format! Save your design to your device to then text it, email it, or upload to your social channels. Or, copy the link to your design to share on the web. And remember, Spark Post saves all your designs for you in your Projects folder, so you can pause at any point and return back to your design if you need to take a break.