Free Fonts to Create Dynamic Designs

Enjoy access to a library of free fonts that will make your design stand out and impress your audience.

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Showcase Bold Typography with Adobe Spark Post

When you open up your Spark Post workspace, you’ll see that adding text to your design comes with an abundance of customization options.

Open up your font family menu to explore all the free fonts at your fingertips and find the perfect primary, secondary, and supplementary fonts for your design. You can even upload your own fonts, or dive into access to Adobe Fonts. Follow along to our guide for making the most of free fonts in your next design.

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How to Add Free Fonts to Your Design with Adobe Spark Post

  1. Choose Your Canvas

    Adobe Spark Post comes loaded with all sorts of different canvas sizes for any of your digital graphic needs. Peruse through premade standard sizes for social platforms, or enter in your own sizing in pixels or a ratio based on your needs.

  2. Sort Through Professionally Designed Templates

    Adobe Spark is proud to provide professionally designed templates for all sorts of different needs. If you need a little boost in sparking your creativity, peruse through premade templates with an endless variety of themes and layouts. Maybe you want the perfect layout to showcase your key image – search through Spark’s selection to find the right template and adjust as necessary if you need to make any edits.

  3. Explore Free Fonts

    This is the part where you spark magic with your design! From your workspace, tap on “Add” to drop text into your design. Tap on the text once you’ve entered in your copy, and see the menu on the right populate with loads of customization options. A drop-down menu option will show you all the free fonts available to you, some of which even come with different variations of the original font, which are great to create consistency in a design. All the free fonts are specially curated and aesthetically fresh so your design will impress any audience.

  4. Customize Your Type as Necessary

    Elsewhere on the type menu you’ll see other modifications you can make to enhance your font. Adjust the alignment, spacing, size, capitalization, and more. Add your text into a text box, or take it to the next level with text effects. Take time to explore the options and have fun while doing so!

  5. Fine Tune Your Design with Branded Fonts & Adobe Fonts

    If the free font library doesn’t fit your needs, you can also upload your own font file to your branded library. You can then add your own font to all your designs! Or, dive into the endless font choices offered by Adobe Fonts for an even wider selection of artistic, impactful, and professional font families.

  6. Save and Share Your Design

    Once you’ve customized your creation to your heart’s content, tap on the share icon in the top right corner and Spark will help you export your design in your desired format! Save your design to your device to then text it, email it, or upload to your social channels. Or, copy the link to your design to share on the web. And remember, Spark Post saves all your designs for you in your Projects folder, so you can pause at any point and return back to your design if you need to take a break.

Get Creative with Free Font Options using Adobe Spark Post

Typography is an incredibly powerful design tool that uses letters and characters as a creative medium to send an unforgettable message to the audience. This can mean using a specifically chosen font, using letters in grandiose ways to make them into a work of art, and anything in between. Typography choices can communicate sentiments and intentions without having to directly spell it out for the reader.

Learn to have fun with your letters! Don’t hold back on your creativity. It’s ok if you sacrifice some legibility for style, that’s what expressing yourself is all about. With Spark, it’s easy to search for outstanding fonts that will make your design feel complete, and even easier to customize them to perfection. Spark is ready to set you up for success with a design that is truly eye-catching.